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about me!

hi, i'm Crash! i'm a geek, punk, engineer, musician, artist, and furry (among many, many other things) from Wisconsin. i have a ton of interests (maybe it has something to do with me being autistic, idk) and you'll probably see them all on this site! i do digital art, i play guitar, french horn, and a little bit of piano, i dabble in graphic design, i build robots, i make dj mixes for urlfests, and i do way more things that i'm probably forgetting right now. i'm bi and a demiboy (he/they pronouns). why'd i make this site? i've been really tired of how everything online has been the same for years, how it's all been based around a handful of platforms that have very few differences and manipulate users for more engagement and ad dollars. my friends told me about neocities, but i wrote it off as too complicated. when i found out that it really wasn't, i realized that this is actually extremely my type of thing. a few youtube tutorials, it's great to have somewhere i can put anything and everything i do without worrying about likes, retweets, follows, et cetera. thanks for visiting my site, stay tuned for some (hopefully) cool stuff!

interests and favorites!

interests(in no particular order): digital art, fiction writing, video games (especially games with really good stories), indie games, tabletop RPGs, sci-fi novels, mechanical engineering, robotics, graphic design, vinyl collecting, electronic music, punk rock, alt rock, emo, magical girl series, rhythm games, virtual reality

favorites(also in no particular order):
bands/artists: foo fighters, the pillows, porter robinson, guitar fight from fooly cooly, lena raine, hudson mohawke, james ivy, hunny, the strokes
albums: demon days - gorillaz, nurture - porter robinson, soak - guitar fight from fooly cooly, tourist history - two door cinema club, echoes silence patience and grace - foo fighters, discovery - daft punk
games: the world ends with you, chicory: a colorful tale, pokemon black 2, pop'n music, animal crossing: new leaf, final fantasy xiv, metal gear rising: revengeance, super mario galaxy
anime: flcl, beastars, sailor moon, cowboy bebop, k-on
pokemon: vaporeon (my absolute favorite!), goodra, sylveon, wooloo, snivy, shinx, absol, quagsire

where else can you find me?

here's my accounts on other sites! (please don't dm or message me out of the blue though, it makes me uncomfortable! thank you!) discord: Cr4shMyCar#1837 twitter: @Cr4shMyCar (rarely used) Steam: Cr4shMyCar VRChat: Cr4shMyCar FFXIV: Fehri'to Vilte @Faerie