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hey there, welcome to my site! i wanna make this a little comfy corner of the internet where i can put all sorts of cool stuff for others to see. this site is still very much under construction, i'm trying to figure out html and css, so most of the stuff here right now is a placeholder or may be broken. (insert cheesy "website under construction" gif here) see yall around the net!

you can find your way around by clicking on the tabs up there (currently tabs 3, 4, and 5 just go to a placeholder) and following the links on there! i'll make a webmap soon so you can look for specific pages. in that sidebar to the right, there's buttons, links, webrings (when i join some), and other miscellaneous stuff!
PS trans rights, ACAB, stay hydrated!

so what's on here?

anything i want! well, that's not really specific, is it? i'm a geek, musician, and artist, so you'll probably see all of that here. i've got a ton of interests so it may include any of these: music (electronic and alt/punk/emo especially), my art, art i've commissioned or gotten as a gift, graphic design, cute things, my writing, and various games, music, shows, and movies i love. i'm a fan of so many different things, everything from final fantasy xiv to beastars to foo fighters, so there'll probably be a ton of fan pages here! also, random things i've found around the internet that i think are super cool and want more people to know about!

my internet manifesto

i'm making my own site because there's really nothing like having your own part of the internet that's truly yours. modern platforms are built for vague engagement metrics over genuine exploration, interaction, and discovery. i am absolutely not immune to these platforms myself (youtube my beloved), and while there's undoubtedly some good done, the internet's become much less personal and arguably much less interesting. by creating our own sites, sharing what we love, creating something truly interesting away from the monolithic platforms the internet's dominated by, we're making the internet into what it truly can be as opposed to what huge corporations want it to be: another capitalist hellscape built around exploiting people for profit. let's have some fun and make the internet a cool place!


11/10/21 - adding some buttons and stuff! putting some in the sidebar and some on another page.
10/10/21 - finished my about me page!
10/5/21 - currently working on my main page, about me, and various other pages that have stuff i want to share!